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Mad Hatter Stitchery UK


Mad Hatter Stitchery UK.


No wonder your late, this watch is exactly two days slow~~Mad Hatter


Well the holidays are over! For which I am very thankful, from Thanksgiving to Christmas It seems like all I do is eat and run around in a crazy chaotic attempt to do EVERYTHING. And all though I always run around trying to do everything, it isn’t so crazy thru out the rest of the year. And the eating…..OMG. Normally I am a very petite(nicely put for very short) relatively thin person, so at first it was no big deal. Then I just kept eating, everything that we had in the house it seemed like. At one point I had eaten so much I physically hurt. So I am very thankful that all of that is over, I can lose the ten pounds I gained that make me look like a Dr Seuss character and get ready for the new year!


So whats been up with the shop you ask…..(lets pretend you did). Awe thanks for asking, the shop at storenvy is doing really well. I havent got an order yet but the traffic is really super good. Everyone tells me that is a good sign. YaY!

I have been keeping track of whats getting the most attention and eliminating things that aren’t getting any. By trial and error I will hopefully get stuff on there that will sell. The number one thing that people are looking at is the Handmade Tote bags and that’s exciting. I use them every time I go to the store or library or anywhere that I am going to have to carry stuff. It’s such a waste to get those plastic bags.  The ones that we sell at the shop can be totally customized for whatever, I am going to work on some that would function not only as a grocery bag but also as a baby bag.

The second thing that people are looking at is the two piece outfits that we make for summer. I only have two samples up but we will be working on more.

Everything I gifted this year was an item we made. I gave a gorgeous black and white apron(which I will be making a 2nd one of for the shop) to my son’s girlfriend. She literally leapt of the couch to thank me, since it was so well received I need one in the shop. I also gave my son a travel pillow in custom colors just for him. It was large enough to lean on when he travels but not so large to take up a lot of room. It also has a pocket for him to store his phone or music device or whatever so it won’t get lost while sleeping. My partner’s son just moved into a new house so we created a “housewarming” gift which consisted of, a tote bag, tea towels, a fabric bound book for recipes and potholders. All in a custom fabric and design made just for the colors in their kitchen.

It was all pretty amazing and I will eventually get samples of all those things up in the shop, but for now it’s time to go finish the tote’s that I am working on and start on the cutest little tulle skirt ever.


Trying to find my holiday spirit, I know it’s here somewhere!


Things are quite chaotic right now and I’m not sure exactly why. I think that I do it to myself and again I’m not exactly sure why.

Since starting my business venture at storenvy I had this (at the time) brilliant Idea that our Christmas should be a homemade Christmas. What does that mean you ask??? It means that I get to run around like a crazy person trying to get stuff done. I know so many people who are hung up on the materialistic type of Christmas and I don’t want my family to be like that. So I told everyone that they had to bring gifts that they made.

The guidelines were simple. No store-bought gifts, they could buy the items that they need to assemble the gift. But the gift itself had to be something they made. Also they could not buy paper or gift bags for said gift. They needed to find an alternative way to wrap gifts.

Ok, simple enough. Christopher and Nicole(both of whom are culinary students) decided that they would buy all the ingredients and prepare  our christmas meal and that would be their gift to everyone. I decided that I would make what I thought would be the perfect gift for each person. Started out pretty easy (I should have known right then something would go wrong). At the time that I started making gifts I was also making inventory for the shop. I guess that I got more than a little excited about that so making inventory kind of got out of control. I started working on Christmas gifts, the first one was an adult shirt. Turned out quite nice, so I was on a roll. Then came a child’s shirt…..OMG I make kids stuff all the time but this shirt took on a life of its own. No matter how hard I tried it became impossible. So I put it away and went back to making inventory. Those things just seemed to be easier, I don’t know why.

Eventually I went back to making gifts(but not that shirt) mixed in with inventory. Things were moving along quite well.

But here is where it gets dicey, I know that all of our kids have extended family that they will be wanting to spend Christmas with. So I decided that we would have our Christmas Dinner on Friday. Which is also Gryphon’s Birthday.

THATS TOMORROW! I don’t even have til Sunday to get things done. I have to be done TODAY!

I have spent so much time doing other stuff that I now have to crunch everything into today. But that’s not all, you see, I also have to drive Nic to the store to get a few more things she needs for our dinner. So that’s a good 2 hours away from my sewing machine.  I am also sure that at some point my partner will need me to do things for him. Such as fix him lunch or run to the store for smokes….Or whatever random stuff he can think of that he just doesn’t want to do.

I try not to panic, or show anyone how stressed I am. To anyone outside of my brain I appear to have it all under control. YIKES if they could see the swirling mess in my frontal lobe and parietal cortex they would be amazed that I can still process information much less function. It’s only with you dear readers that I attempt to share this information.

Ok, so what do I have left to do….here is the break down.

1 child size pair of pajama bottoms, a drawstring for an adult pair of pajama bottoms, sew together a shirt(not the kids one), 2 sets of different patterned potholders, 2 sets of different patterned tea towels, stuff a pillow, 6 pack of coffee cozies(which will be coming soon to the shop).

It doesn’t seem like a lot BUT, I also have a partner who cannot seem to breathe without me telling him to, 2 adorable grandkids who constantly want my attention, Nic who will need to go to the store, a household to run, and a house to keep clean. As well as any incidentals that pop up. My poor dog must feel like I don’t love him anymore. I never have the time to cuddle with him like I use to. And I seriously cannot remember the last time I sat on the couch and watched TV.

There is one thing that made me super happy in the last week. I will not bend on the Christmas tree issue. It must be a live tree. I was in a panic because I had no idea when or how I was going to go pick up a tree. My partner just wanted to use the fake tree he has out in the garage…………………seriously!? NOPE can’t do it, It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me with out a live tree. AND I didn’t want Alice and Gryphon to think a fake tree was ok.  So I only have 2 criteria on my tree, it must be a douglas fir and It must come from Oregon.

So on Monday Nicole wanted me to take her somewhere, but wouldn’t say where. She said it was a surprise. So we all bundled up and went out for the evening. The only thing she told me was that we were headed to Jones and the 215. For someone with control issues not knowing where your going is tough. But we finally arrived and there standing in front of me was the most beautiful tree.  Nic bought it, I cried, then we went home to decorate.

We ended up with this;

So If my Christmas spirit is anywhere it’s hiding in that gorgeous tree….

I have spent way way way too much time on this post so I am off to make myself crazy and finish my gifts. Hopefully the next time that I talk to you dear readers everything will be done and I will be a little less crazy…….Well everything will be done anyway. I think the crazy part is a permanent affliction.

And just in case I don’t talk to you before Christmas, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. If your holiday celebration is different from mine I truly hope it’s the best holiday for you EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

The blur of Christmas Time


Well I have been extremely busy the last couple of days. I realized yesterday that all my christmas presents for people are half done. I have been so busy trying to get my inventory up for the shop that some how all those things got put on the back burner. I would have a little more time if we were going to celebrate on Christmas. My partner and I both have grown kids that have their own families as well as in-laws so we decided to celebrate on the 23rd. Which is also Gryphon’s birthday. That way all the kids could spend Christmas with their families.

So the 23rd is alot closer than the 25th. That puts me in a major time crunch. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal except I spent all day yesterday on a shirt that is frustrating the hell out of me. I am pretty sure I have remade that shirt 4 times. Fabricating the pattern pieces for the shirt has become a nightmare. The first shirt was too small, I tried it on Alice as a reference and it was super tight in the sleeve. So I ripped it all apart and tried to modify the sleeve. That one went in the scrap pile. Everything about that one was fine except that stupid sleeve. Then facing became an issue, I’m not sure how but every one after that I had issues with the facing. The 3rd one I tried on Alice the neck was too tight and the facing bunched up making it look like it was pleated. Sheesh it was a disaster. So I recut everything, hopefully sorted out the issue with the facing. When I finally went to bed last night I had the sleeves pinned on and ready to go. If it doesn’t work this time I can’t even say what I am going to do.

I had this glorious (insert sarcasm) Idea to make matching items for Dad’s and sons. So the adult equivalent to that shirt is amazing. Then I have an adult size pair of pajama bottoms that need a drawstring, the kid size needs pockets, cuffs and elastic in the waist. I also have to finish some potholders and kitchen towels that go in with some other stuff for one of the kids that just bought a new house. I also have like 4 gifts that I havent even started. A pillow with a mp3 pocket for one of the boys that travels alot, an apron for his girlfriend, another kitchen set for another one of the boys and his girlfriend that just got their first place and a video for my partner. Sheesh! And if that wasn’t enough, Monday is my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I already gave her, her gift for Christmas but now I need something for her birthday.

I made a big deal out of this being a “homemade” Christmas. I think people have forgotten what Christmas is all about. So I wanted to remind our family at least that it’s about family and friends coming together and celebrating. It’s not about who bought the biggest gift or who got the most presents.  And I still believe in that idea, however, there have been several times when I thought that I should just run to one of those big box retail stores and get gifts.  Ha wouldn’t that be hilarious if all the kids made gifts for everyone and our’s were from the store! But no I can’t do that, I believe in what I say and I think it’s really important no matter how big your kids get to continue to teach them.

So I’m going to finish this up and go back to torturing myself with that teeny tiny shirt! Wish me luck!


I don’t think…” then you shouldn’t talk, said the Hatter.


Sorry for whomever I am going to disappoint today with this blog. I know that my blog is usually mostly about whats going on here at Mad Hatter Stitchery, but not today.

Today’s blog is about frustration.  First lets define frustration: Wikipedia says; In psychology, frustration is a common emotional response to opposition. Related to anger and disappointment, it arises from the perceived resistance to the fulfillment of individual will. Then it goes on to say; The greater the obstruction, and the greater the will, the more the frustration is likely to be.

So having given you the definition of frustration let me tell what creates that emotional response in me.

Watching the Cowboys lose two games in a row due to time management, in ability to function during the last 2 minutes of the game, A defense that allows any other team to just walk thru and score as much and as often as they like.

I seem to have, or people say I have control issues….I never thought I did until I realized what makes me  super angry is that there is nothing I can do about watching them lose. I can’t go down on the field, I can’t yell at Jason Garrett( well not in person anyway), When I tell Tony Romo to throw the ball to Jason Witten he never hears me.  I sit there willing them to do what I want and to win, when that doesn’t happen I get frustrated. Text book .

If Alice and Gryphon had been awake and not sound asleep on my couch I can promise you I would have been alot more vocal, as it was I had to internalize everything. Very unhealthy! Nothing comes close to making as angry as I get when they lose.

Some people say that I am over zealous, obsessed, consumed even fanatical about the Cowboys.

I say I’m just a fan, with blue hair and a Cowboys purse, sitting here in my Cowboys pajama bottoms thinking about how great they use to be and how great they will be again.

I wonder if I Tweet Troy Aikman and tell him how much I love him he will tweet me back??? I probably shouldn’t do it from the house, don’t want the wrong people showing up.

It’s almost 6am and no Elves yet…..


Well so much for the elves coming and working on my sleepy time masks. I guess I should have known. If fairy tales were true Prince Charming would have already shown up! Instead I’m Fiona in Shrek 3, on my own and doing just fine!

Sew I got up at 4, made coffee(who doesn’t make coffee if they wake up at 4). I sat around for a bit having coffee and contemplating what to do first. The kids have taken over the living room temporarily. So going out there to sew makes me feel guilty, I don’t want to be the one that wakes Alice up at 4 or 5. Sew I decided to stay in the office and work on computer stuff. I made a list of things that I would like to get done today, here it is:

Things to do Today;

1. Clean the office(that means clean up all the banana laffy taffy wrappers off the desk)

2.Finish sleepy time masks(darn elves)

3.Make a pencil skirt

4.Finish Gryphon’s pants and shirt(poor guy)

5.Make Potholders for christmas gift

6.Make more kids lounge pants

7.Make a matching robe for Alice’s nightgown(I had to fit something in for her)

8.Make some T-Shirts

9.Make more boy shorts

10.Make more girls dress

11.Fix Alice’s dress

So there you have it, my list of things to do today, all the while trying to fit in football. Cowboys are playing the Giants, I can’t miss this one. The Cowboys have to beat the Giants to maintain first place.

Darn elves are no help that’s for sure. Maybe instead of elves I should wish for an intern……………………..

Now I know why the Hatter went Mad!


Today has been a very busy day here at Mad Hatter Stitchery. We have been working really hard on getting everything done that we want to. The problem is I am constantly coming up with something new that i want to try. My hands cannot keep up with my brain these days. While I cut out sleepy time masks, my head is thinking about hats, while I sew tote bags my head is thinking about little boys shirts. I could go on and on but you get the point. I also have a baby shower that I am planning for next month for someone and I need to design the e-vites. I also need to make a baby shower gift for a totally different baby shower also next month. I have handbags that I want to try my hand at, birthdays coming up alot quicker than I want them to, christmas gifts to finish, so much going on……………………………………………….

OMG!!!!! I seriously think that my head is going to implode!

However, there are somethings that I have finished that I would like to share with everyone so here are some pics. If you see anything that you like they can all be ordered from the shop at Storenvy.com

So there you have it, some of the things that have been going on with us.

I cut out some more sleepy time masks and got them ready for sewing, maybe if I leave them out on the table the elves will show up and sew them for me like in that Grimm Fairy Tale The Elves and The Shoemaker…………

Keep your fingers crossed and I suppose I won’t know til morning, unless I go mad before then 🙂