Endless Creativity


Ok so here are my thoughts for today. If you are a creative person, where does creativity stop? Or does it?

I Know that I am a very creative person, and that creativity doesn’t seem to end with any particular circumstance. I can do or can try to do just about anything I set my mind to do. So is it the same with everyone who is creative?

Does Michael Kors sit at home and think about tons of different things to do besides designing handbags and clothes?

I know that Coco Chanel started as a hat maker before getting into clothing  designing.

Most clothes designers sketch and draw so do they take that further? Do they think about art and painting, sit and wonder if they could create a masterpiece on canvas?

Or are people who are creative and talented just have a single talent? And I’m just the exception to the rule?

Let me show you what I mean, I know that I have been working hard at getting my clothing shop up and running, but there are other things that I do. I am in fact a very creative classically trained Chef, and I paint. Now I know that I have posted over the last couple of days some of the things that I have been making for the shop. unfortunately I cannot show you any of the food that I have made, however, I can show you my most recent painting as well as one I am working on.

So, I guess what I am wondering is, does everyone have all this craziness in their head that just keeps pounding to get out or is it just me?


I don’t think…” then you shouldn’t talk, said the Hatter.


Sorry for whomever I am going to disappoint today with this blog. I know that my blog is usually mostly about whats going on here at Mad Hatter Stitchery, but not today.

Today’s blog is about frustration.  First lets define frustration: Wikipedia says; In psychology, frustration is a common emotional response to opposition. Related to anger and disappointment, it arises from the perceived resistance to the fulfillment of individual will. Then it goes on to say; The greater the obstruction, and the greater the will, the more the frustration is likely to be.

So having given you the definition of frustration let me tell what creates that emotional response in me.

Watching the Cowboys lose two games in a row due to time management, in ability to function during the last 2 minutes of the game, A defense that allows any other team to just walk thru and score as much and as often as they like.

I seem to have, or people say I have control issues….I never thought I did until I realized what makes me  super angry is that there is nothing I can do about watching them lose. I can’t go down on the field, I can’t yell at Jason Garrett( well not in person anyway), When I tell Tony Romo to throw the ball to Jason Witten he never hears me.  I sit there willing them to do what I want and to win, when that doesn’t happen I get frustrated. Text book .

If Alice and Gryphon had been awake and not sound asleep on my couch I can promise you I would have been alot more vocal, as it was I had to internalize everything. Very unhealthy! Nothing comes close to making as angry as I get when they lose.

Some people say that I am over zealous, obsessed, consumed even fanatical about the Cowboys.

I say I’m just a fan, with blue hair and a Cowboys purse, sitting here in my Cowboys pajama bottoms thinking about how great they use to be and how great they will be again.

I wonder if I Tweet Troy Aikman and tell him how much I love him he will tweet me back??? I probably shouldn’t do it from the house, don’t want the wrong people showing up.

It’s almost 6am and no Elves yet…..


Well so much for the elves coming and working on my sleepy time masks. I guess I should have known. If fairy tales were true Prince Charming would have already shown up! Instead I’m Fiona in Shrek 3, on my own and doing just fine!

Sew I got up at 4, made coffee(who doesn’t make coffee if they wake up at 4). I sat around for a bit having coffee and contemplating what to do first. The kids have taken over the living room temporarily. So going out there to sew makes me feel guilty, I don’t want to be the one that wakes Alice up at 4 or 5. Sew I decided to stay in the office and work on computer stuff. I made a list of things that I would like to get done today, here it is:

Things to do Today;

1. Clean the office(that means clean up all the banana laffy taffy wrappers off the desk)

2.Finish sleepy time masks(darn elves)

3.Make a pencil skirt

4.Finish Gryphon’s pants and shirt(poor guy)

5.Make Potholders for christmas gift

6.Make more kids lounge pants

7.Make a matching robe for Alice’s nightgown(I had to fit something in for her)

8.Make some T-Shirts

9.Make more boy shorts

10.Make more girls dress

11.Fix Alice’s dress

So there you have it, my list of things to do today, all the while trying to fit in football. Cowboys are playing the Giants, I can’t miss this one. The Cowboys have to beat the Giants to maintain first place.

Darn elves are no help that’s for sure. Maybe instead of elves I should wish for an intern……………………..

Now I know why the Hatter went Mad!


Today has been a very busy day here at Mad Hatter Stitchery. We have been working really hard on getting everything done that we want to. The problem is I am constantly coming up with something new that i want to try. My hands cannot keep up with my brain these days. While I cut out sleepy time masks, my head is thinking about hats, while I sew tote bags my head is thinking about little boys shirts. I could go on and on but you get the point. I also have a baby shower that I am planning for next month for someone and I need to design the e-vites. I also need to make a baby shower gift for a totally different baby shower also next month. I have handbags that I want to try my hand at, birthdays coming up alot quicker than I want them to, christmas gifts to finish, so much going on……………………………………………….

OMG!!!!! I seriously think that my head is going to implode!

However, there are somethings that I have finished that I would like to share with everyone so here are some pics. If you see anything that you like they can all be ordered from the shop at Storenvy.com

So there you have it, some of the things that have been going on with us.

I cut out some more sleepy time masks and got them ready for sewing, maybe if I leave them out on the table the elves will show up and sew them for me like in that Grimm Fairy Tale The Elves and The Shoemaker…………

Keep your fingers crossed and I suppose I won’t know til morning, unless I go mad before then 🙂


Production House, Design House, My House


Yesterday was a pretty productive day, getting things made for inventory. Had some trial and error moments. Mostly error, but live  and learn. I got some new things done and adapted some patterns for other things, I made some super cute sleepy time masks, and got a bunch more cut out. They take minutes to sew. I also finished a reusable tote bag that I think looks amazing. I am working on making a bunch of readywear items. Since the shop is a custom shop and not everyone wants to wait for something to be made I am trying to get more readywear done.

I have always wondered what I would be like to work in a major brand design house, I certainly hope it’s less chaotic than my house lately.  There are design sketches, material and varies other paraphernalia laying about. Alice asked me what I was doing yesterday and I replied that I was working in my shop. She looked at me with her thoughtful Winnie the Pooh look then said, ” No you’re not silly your sewing”.  She was very curious all day because I told her that she wouldn’t get anything new until I made something for her brother. I don’t want him to feel like he is being left out.  Now I absolutely understand why most designer do women’s wear, so much easier than mens. When I want to make something for Alice it takes me about 15 minutes. Making something for her brother is much more difficult. I cut out some jeans for him out of some recycled mens cargo pants. Nicole(his mom) looked thru my materials and wanted me to make him a shirt out of a plaid that I have. It’s not the type of material that I can just whip up a t-shirt out of, so I needed to fabricate a little boys collared shirt pattern   I should say that I still need to fabricate a little boys collared shirt pattern.

I have had alot of people tell me that I should be a pattern maker, so making the pattern isn’t hard. It’s just finding the time to do it. Fabricating a pattern isn’t the easiest thing to do. But at some point today I really want to get it done.

Between the production, design and just regular life things are a little crazy at my house. There is only so much space to utilize. Nicole is working on becoming a Pastry Chef, so she wants to make and bake, Christopher is working on being a Chef, so he is all about cooking. Plus they are also the parents of two precocious children, so they are also busy parenting. I have my things going on and there is always someone stopping by. My partner has gotten to where he spends most of his day when not at work then in the bedroom(I am guessing away from the chaos).  Between all of us we also have three dogs, that want to be under foot at all times.

So here we are this morning, clearing muslin off the island, clearing material off the dining room table, putting away the iron and ironing board, my stove is a glasstop electric and I have thought about utilizing it as well, but that would be one more space to clean off for a meal.

Does it get hectic, yep. Does it get crazy, yep. Do I feel like I need to scream. most definitely on most days. Now that it’s started would i trade it for a private away from home shop, not a chance!


So here I sit………


Well its morning and I’m up. The last few days have been exhausting and I feel totally worn out. I was ready for bed at 8 lol. I finished my tunic dress, it came out pretty amazing. Nicole loves the style of the dress but hates the material i used. Which is ok, I’m not real thrilled with it either. It just happened to be something that I had left over that was large enough to make this style of dress. I tried it on and found that it didn’t work real well with my frame, but looked amazing on Nicole. So that led me to the conclusion that those types of dress are made for women that are a bit more full-figured than I am. I don’t know how they got away with it in the 60’s and 70’s when everyone was super Twiggy slim.

But anyway, I was gonna post some pictures for everyone to see then get it uploaded to the shop. I have been having battery issues lately, my mouse was terribly overworked(its wireless) the other day and the batteries died. Then my camera decided that it too had had enough and it died as well. So I have to pop out to a store to get some later, which means unfortunately for you I have to just describe it as best I can. So here it goes.

The material is rose print in earthy brown tones. The roses are very pale blues, reds and purples. Nicole compared it to couch upholstery, however, unlike upholstery its a very soft cotton blend. I cuffed the sleeve in a very pink textured material that I also made a slightly askew pocket out of. Finally to top it all off, I simply zigzagged the bottom hem with a contrasting bright red.  I like the design of it all, I just don’t care for the way it hangs on me. But as Christopher pointed out, if I make things for the general public not everything is going to be to my taste. And yep, he is right. Like I said, Nicole loves it and wants one in black with my pink skulls(she’s obsessed). I will get a pic up as soon as I can and then let me know what you think.

So the store has been open for 2 days now and the traffic is really good. I am also getting traffic from the UK and Russia which makes me so happy. I told Nicole if I get an order all the way from Russia I’m gonna squeal… lol Truth is that first order is gonna make me squeal no matter what. But if it comes from Russia its gonna be double delight!



OMG!!! It’s finally done


So I spent today working mostly on the computer and got alot done. I should be dancing around the house,even if it is midnight. I finally got my storenvy store ready enough to open. I have tons of other stuff that I want to add, but at least it is to the point that I can open it. When suddenly I was scared to push that little button that would open the store, I had so many different thoughts running thru my head. But the biggest one was what if I fail….Oh god, I cannot handle failure, not at all. I also have this terrible instant gratification issue, if I can’t have/do/get or accomplish something in the time I think it should take then I don’t want it. I pushed that button open and closed so many times i bet I made everyone on that site dizzy. Does everyone experience this??? Or am I just the odd nut?

Earlier today I said something along the lines of you only fail if you don’t try. Well that was quickly given back to me when I expressed my nervousness. However, my son was also quick to point out that the store  probably won’t do anything or have any success at all for awhile….That didn’t help me at all.  As a matter of fact that only made things worse. Why didn’t I just stay with my quiet stay at home business of making things for people locally. I just got an order today for a baby shower gift

Well the answers to that burning question lies in the swirling mass of chaos that is my brain. And that is because like every other starving/miserable creative genius(yes I said genius) I want the world to know what I can do. But on the otherside of that coin, like every other starving/miserable creative genius I am my own worst critic. Like Van Gogh I believe that everything I do is horrible. While everyone who buys it thinks its wonderful.


So now I just sit here and wait and wait and wait for the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to decided if I should have just stayed with my quiet at home business or if I made the right decision……….http://madhatterstitchery.storenvy.com/

and ps….anyone with some photography hints they want to share that would be awesome!