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Jeans, Slacks, Trousers, Pants and everything in between


So I have been up for about an hour, have my second cup of coffee and everyone else is still sleeping.  I cut out my material for my trousers yesterday, and decided I didn’t like the way the legs looked. I want them to be a super skinny leg maybe even with a button on the cuff for foot entry. So I have to re-measure and recut the legs. It has me a little worried because I know that you can take away but you can’t add(well you can but not in this case). It all got me on a train of thought about pants.

I started thinking about all the different ways that everyone says pants,trousers,slacks and all that stuff. So this is what I came up with;

In North America, pants is the general category term, and trousers refers, often more formally, specifically to tailored garments with a waistband and (typically) belt-loops and a fly-front. For instance, informal elastic-waist knitted garments would never be called trousers in the U.S. Undergarments are called underwear, underpants, or panties (the last are women’s garments specifically) to distinguish them from other pants that are worn on the outside. The term drawers normally refers to undergarments, but in some dialects, may be found as a synonym for “breeches”, that is, trousers. In these dialects, the term underdrawers is used for undergarments.

In Australia, the terms pants and trousers are synonymous.

In most parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland, trousers is the general category term, and pants refers to underwear. In some parts of Scotland, trousers are known as trews; taken from the early Middle English trouse, its plural developed into trousers.

 I could go on and on about pants, panties, knickers and so on. But the point being with the exception of jeans, because I am pretty sure the term jeans is universal. The evolution of these words is amazing.
Take pants for example, In the UK pants meant underpants and referred to as something you wear under your trousers. In the US trousers mean a well-fitted tailored pant.
Slacks use to mean a loose-fitting comfortable type of pant for men, now it is mostly a term for women’s pants. What!!!!
It’s all so very confusing really, most people I know call all their pants, jeans. That seems to be the most universal term for an item worn below the waist separately on each leg.
I started thinking about all of this because I was concerned that when I say I am working on a well-fitted, tailored pair of trousers people would have no idea what I was talking about.
I am sure there are plenty of other things in this world that I could be worried about other than what to call my current design item. But then again everyone needs a well-fitted good pair of  Jeans, Slacks, Trousers, Pants or whatever you want to call them.
Until we talk again remember to put your pants on one leg at a time! 🙂

Feeling intimidated


So I was doing some “research” online looking at other peoples shops and whatnot when I realized that they all look like they use professional photographers. Now I have a super cool photographer worthy camera. However, here lies the issue, I have the skills of a 4 year old when it comes to taking pictures. Everyone said all you need is a great camera…..Never believe that. My designs and clothing are awesome…in person. I can’t figure out how to make that translate to my photos…That leaves me feeling pretty darn intimidated

Spending the day sewing.


Well I spent most of yesterday on the computer doing all the left-brain work required to get my storenvy shop up and running.

Which on a side note I would like to say that’s almost done! YaY me!!!! I accomplished things I never thought I could.

So I decided today to do some sewing. My granddaughter thought that was a “great idea” because she always ends up with something out of it. And she did. I made her a satin purple pillow and sheet for her Barbie, why she needed that for Barbie I don’t know. I thought at this point Barbie had everything. But apparently until today she did not have a purple satin pillow and sheet. I said it was a blanket, but Alice (that’s the granddaughter) said that blankets are fluffy and warm that sheets are smooth and cold. So fine it’s a sheet.

Anyway, I have been reading tweets today from Fashionista and Women’s Wear Daily about the British Vogue’s online fashion week. So there have been tons of talk about whats coming up in the fashion world next year. After reading some of it I was inspired to start working on a 60’s inspired mod dress. I have this earthy floral pattern that I decided to use than accent with either bright yellow or royal blue pockets and cuffs. I spent most of the day working on the pattern, trying to get it just right. Then my granddaughter thought it would be a “good idea” if I made her a new skirt. I told her parents at this rate they won’t ever have to buy her clothes again. I gave in, I have to admit it’s the greatest feeling in the world to see her get so excited, she screams and dances then wants to put it on right then. How can that not make your day. She is probably my biggest fan. So I had a black with pink polka dot halter top shirt sitting on top of the pile that I had been trying to figure out what I was going to do with it.

I love love love recycling items into brand new things for people. It makes me feel good, it makes them feel good, and I am sure that it makes the earth feel good. Less to throw away, more to enjoy everyday.

Ok, so I had a stroke of genius and decided to use that halter top to make her a skirt. When it was finished it was super cute, then I decided that it needed a pocket………………..For anyone that sews whether for fun or profit, we all know that you sew on your pockets before you sew your seams, that way it’s super easy. So here I am with a completed skirt sans the elastic and I decide to put on a pocket. It was comical, but I did it and now the skirt is ADORABLE, and yes that’s the same purple satin that Miss Barbie has. I must say I love being Right-brained(?). Well you get the point.