No wonder your late, this watch is exactly two days slow~~Mad Hatter


Well the holidays are over! For which I am very thankful, from Thanksgiving to Christmas It seems like all I do is eat and run around in a crazy chaotic attempt to do EVERYTHING. And all though I always run around trying to do everything, it isn’t so crazy thru out the rest of the year. And the eating…..OMG. Normally I am a very petite(nicely put for very short) relatively thin person, so at first it was no big deal. Then I just kept eating, everything that we had in the house it seemed like. At one point I had eaten so much I physically hurt. So I am very thankful that all of that is over, I can lose the ten pounds I gained that make me look like a Dr Seuss character and get ready for the new year!


So whats been up with the shop you ask…..(lets pretend you did). Awe thanks for asking, the shop at storenvy is doing really well. I havent got an order yet but the traffic is really super good. Everyone tells me that is a good sign. YaY!

I have been keeping track of whats getting the most attention and eliminating things that aren’t getting any. By trial and error I will hopefully get stuff on there that will sell. The number one thing that people are looking at is the Handmade Tote bags and that’s exciting. I use them every time I go to the store or library or anywhere that I am going to have to carry stuff. It’s such a waste to get those plastic bags.  The ones that we sell at the shop can be totally customized for whatever, I am going to work on some that would function not only as a grocery bag but also as a baby bag.

The second thing that people are looking at is the two piece outfits that we make for summer. I only have two samples up but we will be working on more.

Everything I gifted this year was an item we made. I gave a gorgeous black and white apron(which I will be making a 2nd one of for the shop) to my son’s girlfriend. She literally leapt of the couch to thank me, since it was so well received I need one in the shop. I also gave my son a travel pillow in custom colors just for him. It was large enough to lean on when he travels but not so large to take up a lot of room. It also has a pocket for him to store his phone or music device or whatever so it won’t get lost while sleeping. My partner’s son just moved into a new house so we created a “housewarming” gift which consisted of, a tote bag, tea towels, a fabric bound book for recipes and potholders. All in a custom fabric and design made just for the colors in their kitchen.

It was all pretty amazing and I will eventually get samples of all those things up in the shop, but for now it’s time to go finish the tote’s that I am working on and start on the cutest little tulle skirt ever.



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