Trying to find my holiday spirit, I know it’s here somewhere!


Things are quite chaotic right now and I’m not sure exactly why. I think that I do it to myself and again I’m not exactly sure why.

Since starting my business venture at storenvy I had this (at the time) brilliant Idea that our Christmas should be a homemade Christmas. What does that mean you ask??? It means that I get to run around like a crazy person trying to get stuff done. I know so many people who are hung up on the materialistic type of Christmas and I don’t want my family to be like that. So I told everyone that they had to bring gifts that they made.

The guidelines were simple. No store-bought gifts, they could buy the items that they need to assemble the gift. But the gift itself had to be something they made. Also they could not buy paper or gift bags for said gift. They needed to find an alternative way to wrap gifts.

Ok, simple enough. Christopher and Nicole(both of whom are culinary students) decided that they would buy all the ingredients and prepare  our christmas meal and that would be their gift to everyone. I decided that I would make what I thought would be the perfect gift for each person. Started out pretty easy (I should have known right then something would go wrong). At the time that I started making gifts I was also making inventory for the shop. I guess that I got more than a little excited about that so making inventory kind of got out of control. I started working on Christmas gifts, the first one was an adult shirt. Turned out quite nice, so I was on a roll. Then came a child’s shirt…..OMG I make kids stuff all the time but this shirt took on a life of its own. No matter how hard I tried it became impossible. So I put it away and went back to making inventory. Those things just seemed to be easier, I don’t know why.

Eventually I went back to making gifts(but not that shirt) mixed in with inventory. Things were moving along quite well.

But here is where it gets dicey, I know that all of our kids have extended family that they will be wanting to spend Christmas with. So I decided that we would have our Christmas Dinner on Friday. Which is also Gryphon’s Birthday.

THATS TOMORROW! I don’t even have til Sunday to get things done. I have to be done TODAY!

I have spent so much time doing other stuff that I now have to crunch everything into today. But that’s not all, you see, I also have to drive Nic to the store to get a few more things she needs for our dinner. So that’s a good 2 hours away from my sewing machine.  I am also sure that at some point my partner will need me to do things for him. Such as fix him lunch or run to the store for smokes….Or whatever random stuff he can think of that he just doesn’t want to do.

I try not to panic, or show anyone how stressed I am. To anyone outside of my brain I appear to have it all under control. YIKES if they could see the swirling mess in my frontal lobe and parietal cortex they would be amazed that I can still process information much less function. It’s only with you dear readers that I attempt to share this information.

Ok, so what do I have left to do….here is the break down.

1 child size pair of pajama bottoms, a drawstring for an adult pair of pajama bottoms, sew together a shirt(not the kids one), 2 sets of different patterned potholders, 2 sets of different patterned tea towels, stuff a pillow, 6 pack of coffee cozies(which will be coming soon to the shop).

It doesn’t seem like a lot BUT, I also have a partner who cannot seem to breathe without me telling him to, 2 adorable grandkids who constantly want my attention, Nic who will need to go to the store, a household to run, and a house to keep clean. As well as any incidentals that pop up. My poor dog must feel like I don’t love him anymore. I never have the time to cuddle with him like I use to. And I seriously cannot remember the last time I sat on the couch and watched TV.

There is one thing that made me super happy in the last week. I will not bend on the Christmas tree issue. It must be a live tree. I was in a panic because I had no idea when or how I was going to go pick up a tree. My partner just wanted to use the fake tree he has out in the garage…………………seriously!? NOPE can’t do it, It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me with out a live tree. AND I didn’t want Alice and Gryphon to think a fake tree was ok.  So I only have 2 criteria on my tree, it must be a douglas fir and It must come from Oregon.

So on Monday Nicole wanted me to take her somewhere, but wouldn’t say where. She said it was a surprise. So we all bundled up and went out for the evening. The only thing she told me was that we were headed to Jones and the 215. For someone with control issues not knowing where your going is tough. But we finally arrived and there standing in front of me was the most beautiful tree.  Nic bought it, I cried, then we went home to decorate.

We ended up with this;

So If my Christmas spirit is anywhere it’s hiding in that gorgeous tree….

I have spent way way way too much time on this post so I am off to make myself crazy and finish my gifts. Hopefully the next time that I talk to you dear readers everything will be done and I will be a little less crazy…….Well everything will be done anyway. I think the crazy part is a permanent affliction.

And just in case I don’t talk to you before Christmas, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. If your holiday celebration is different from mine I truly hope it’s the best holiday for you EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


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