The blur of Christmas Time


Well I have been extremely busy the last couple of days. I realized yesterday that all my christmas presents for people are half done. I have been so busy trying to get my inventory up for the shop that some how all those things got put on the back burner. I would have a little more time if we were going to celebrate on Christmas. My partner and I both have grown kids that have their own families as well as in-laws so we decided to celebrate on the 23rd. Which is also Gryphon’s birthday. That way all the kids could spend Christmas with their families.

So the 23rd is alot closer than the 25th. That puts me in a major time crunch. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal except I spent all day yesterday on a shirt that is frustrating the hell out of me. I am pretty sure I have remade that shirt 4 times. Fabricating the pattern pieces for the shirt has become a nightmare. The first shirt was too small, I tried it on Alice as a reference and it was super tight in the sleeve. So I ripped it all apart and tried to modify the sleeve. That one went in the scrap pile. Everything about that one was fine except that stupid sleeve. Then facing became an issue, I’m not sure how but every one after that I had issues with the facing. The 3rd one I tried on Alice the neck was too tight and the facing bunched up making it look like it was pleated. Sheesh it was a disaster. So I recut everything, hopefully sorted out the issue with the facing. When I finally went to bed last night I had the sleeves pinned on and ready to go. If it doesn’t work this time I can’t even say what I am going to do.

I had this glorious (insert sarcasm) Idea to make matching items for Dad’s and sons. So the adult equivalent to that shirt is amazing. Then I have an adult size pair of pajama bottoms that need a drawstring, the kid size needs pockets, cuffs and elastic in the waist. I also have to finish some potholders and kitchen towels that go in with some other stuff for one of the kids that just bought a new house. I also have like 4 gifts that I havent even started. A pillow with a mp3 pocket for one of the boys that travels alot, an apron for his girlfriend, another kitchen set for another one of the boys and his girlfriend that just got their first place and a video for my partner. Sheesh! And if that wasn’t enough, Monday is my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I already gave her, her gift for Christmas but now I need something for her birthday.

I made a big deal out of this being a “homemade” Christmas. I think people have forgotten what Christmas is all about. So I wanted to remind our family at least that it’s about family and friends coming together and celebrating. It’s not about who bought the biggest gift or who got the most presents.  And I still believe in that idea, however, there have been several times when I thought that I should just run to one of those big box retail stores and get gifts.  Ha wouldn’t that be hilarious if all the kids made gifts for everyone and our’s were from the store! But no I can’t do that, I believe in what I say and I think it’s really important no matter how big your kids get to continue to teach them.

So I’m going to finish this up and go back to torturing myself with that teeny tiny shirt! Wish me luck!



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